DP720/DP750 sip registration freezed


Hello to all GranStream Specialists.
I have a DP750 Base with 4 DP720 dect on it, all registered with a proper SIP account to an UCM6202.
My question is: if I switch off a dect (I can see it unsubscribed in the status web panel of the DP750 in red color)… why the realative SIP account registration stay always on (green)?
On the UCM6202 I continue to have the extension UP and green and I need to unregister it.
Seems that the DP750 could not set down the SIP account when a dect is switched off or goes out of range from the base. I tried all or almost all … can you help me please? thx a lot.


Hi @Agox
This is because on the DP750, one relative SIP account is designed to be able used on multiple DP720. It will introduce complex to operate a SIP account based on a handset signal connection.
And also, the SIP Account is registered and served by the base station DP750, not the DP720. When there is a call, it send INVITE to the DP750 through the network over UDP/TCP/TLS protocol, then the DP750 will contact the DP720 over the DECT protocol, then the DP720 rings, so as an outgoing call.

if you power off the DP750 it should un-register the SIP account.

for a DP720, lost the connection with DP750 is very common when you walk around, it will be more troublesome if the DP750 unregister the SIP account whenever it cannot find the DP720.
Instead, when you walk a DP720 out of the signal range or powered it off, after you walk back, or powered it on, you may be more appreciated for the handset can make/receive calls immediately than have to wait a few time for the SIP account registered before using it.

If you need unregister the SIP account, you can log in to the DP750 web and disable the account. We consider the “unregister a SIP account” should be an admin feature, not controlled by the end-user.


Thank you very much for your fast answer.
I understood your explanation. Excuse me if i need to ask you another thing:
I’m providing a GrandStream solutions to an Hotel composed by an UCM6202, a GXP6120 and 24 DP720 distributed on 6 DP750 bases. In the past i used other products and on the Post Operator keyboard on the Reception Phone, I always show the status lights for the rooms phone, i mean that if a dect went out from the range of the room, on the post operator, the receptionist could understand from its status led, whether the room was reachable or not but in addition, if the phone had been stolen.
Now it seems I can’t do it anymore with grandestream products unless I use the syslog events… which is much more expensive in terms of configuration time to automate it, it being understood that the receptionist will continue to see the relative green LED on the post operator for that phone.
Is there another easier way to have this visual management on the post operator? I mean this led control?
Thanx a lot


Sorry … GXP2160


Sorry I’m not familiar with the Post Operator keyboard.
What I know is there are 2 ways you can monitor the Account status or HS status programingly:

  1. DP7xx have CTI feature supported,



This needs you to send an HTTP request to the URL periodically, and parse the response JSON string.

  1. Use our GDMS (Grandstream Device Management System) platform
    The GDMS is most used to massive configure devices using TR069 protocol, you can set some alert and warning to receive emails. But I guess what you want is more need an API to monitor the device just like the CTI feature. Please check this: https://www.gdms.cloud/developer.

The GDMS way is supported for most modern GS products, the limitation is you need to use GDMS to configure all your devices. While the CTI feature is only supported on GXP and DP devices.


Oooook … i’ll follow your advise and I will communicate here if i will solve my problem.
Thank you very much for all… have you a nice day.