DP715 is reseting when receive a call




We have a DP715, it cannot receive calls. When it receive a call, its display becomes blank, so its clock turn to January 1, 12:00.

I attached a log from it, caugth by a Syslog server. 5773 is the caller number.
5773 made a call to this device at May 22, 12:44:17




Verify that the DP750 base and the DP720 phone have the official firmware version

If the problem persists, please open a ticket in our support center to give you more support in the case.





We don’t have a DP720, but DP715. The newer official firmware for it is

After applying it, the device turned worse, because it’s resseting with no reason.
I wiil open a ticket in support to search for a solution.

I attached logs collected from it since moment I enabled handset number to the moment it reset.


What kind of settings And when will the update?


OK, guys, the device is OK.
The issue was faulty batteries.

After changing by newer ones, the problem doesn’t exist anymore.