Downloading phonebook on GRP2615 (UCM6301)


I have a dozen or so GXP2140 and 2x GRP2615 ( configured on UCM6301 (
I have a problem with the automatic download of the phone book on GRP2615 (works ok on GXP2140).
Configuration on both models is identical. Download from the phone menu does not work either (contacts -local phonebook-download / no error appears). Only manual xml uploading works.

Where could be a problem?


the path (which is not shown on the screen), are you sure it is correct?
is there a new beta fw for GRP, tried?


Problem solved, path is correct but error caused & character in one of callerid,
after deleting it - the book loaded without problem. This sign & was not a problem for the GXP2140 at all.