Downgraded v back to v after losing ability to pickup other extension


After upgrading a few of my GXP2160s to I lost the ability to pickup a ringing extention other than my own.
I get a ‘No Response’ text on the LCD.
Just downgraded back to and I can now pickup another ringing extension.
I use BLF on the programmable side panel keys. Anyone else?

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Do an upgrade to and then

go to Account> Account X > SIP Settings> Advanced features.

Here a re to new options:

At the option"BLF Call-pickup" set this to “Force BLF Call-pickup by prefix”
and at “BLF Call-pickup Prefix” there shold be “**” present in the field.

Pickup should work then again…


Exactly what I needed.
Should read the release notes and not just scan over them.
Thank you!


Is there a P Code to enable this?