Downgrade gwn7630 to


I am unable to downgrade from firmware to in order to use with the gwn7000.

  1. The compatible file is 19 MB compressed and upgrading is 5 MB maximum.
  2. I also test with Solarwinds TFTP server to upgrade, this also does not work.
  3. Factory restore always keeps firmware
    Do you have any other options, please?


I havenĀ“t tried downgrading, yet. Do you have any problems you want to resolve by the older version? If so, I suggest to update to the latest beta release ( and see whether the problem is resolved.


Hello Krisb,
The update to the old firmware version has been resolved. This is fine with a TFTP server like Solarwinds and you had to disable the firewall. Follow the steps for the rest of the procedures. Now the GWN7000 recognizes Access Points. Thank you all the same Krisb