Doubts Remote Connect e WAVE


I have doubts and would like to ask you for advice on Remote Connect, I need to make a quote to a customer:

1 - Example scenario:
UCM6302 ( with 15 local IP phones and 15 remote IP phones, and several WAVE some local and some remote (Android / Desktop).

Remote IP, WAVE (Android / Desktop) phones -> must all be configured via remote connect, this is clear.

Instead I configure all local IP phones, WAVE (Android / Desktop) as always, so registered on
The doubt comes to me because the QR Cdode that is sent by UCM6302 in any case registers WAVE with the Remote connect server, instead of sending two QR Codes (one for local and one remote).
In this way, even locally, traffic to the internet would be created even between calls between local extensions.
Please give me a hand to understand,

2 - Furthermore, it appears to you that WAVE desktop (recently released) will later be supported by UCM62 / 65?

3 - supposing to register GXP2135 and a WAVE desktop user on the same extension, is it expected that WAVE desktop somehow works with the GXP2135? Example in CTI?

4 - on WAVE desktop will it be possible to see if UCM is in the “day” state or other time state? Will WAVE desktop always be able to display the DND state of other extensions?

(I asked for these things via ticket, but I wanted to have your opinion)




Hello Damiano

So far we are testing with one in house unit for the wave apps It has worked better when we select the sip server account in GDMS we give it the link created
so we selected all the accounts that are registered to wave app then use the server address number

This resolved a lot of some issue we experienced with calls. but still IOS does not work in the back ground


hi Neeraj,

everything good?

With iOS you do not solve easily, it’s an iOS problem, in many competitor forums I read the same problems.

If I understand correctly you are trying WAVE locally using remote connect, so number
In my view it is not correct, as it creates unnecessary traffic to the outside.
Furthermore, keep in mind that with the free license you would have many limits on simultaneous calls.
It seems to me that there is a lot of confusion regarding this situation, which is why I opened a ticket (I await their response).
UCM should therefore provide 2 QR Codes, one “local” and one with remote connect.
But it remains my point of view, I have tested GS phones with remote connect many times and they work very well. So contrary to what one might think, the problems are not on the remote terminals, but with the local ones.

Also LDAP doesn’t work, let’s also read what you think @GS.Jimmy