Doorbird connecting to 2 Grandstream GXV3370 IP Video Phone


I’m trying to connect our Doorbird system to 2 different Grandstream GXV3370 phone in the house (one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom). For some reason, I can only get one to ring. Also, I can’t figure out how to get the video connected so we can see who is at the door.

Has anyone been able to connect more than one Grandstream phone to their doorbird?


You may also want to post your query to Doorbird as it is their device that has to support the ability of what I assume to be direct IP dialing to the phones. The GS equivalent device supports this using parallel mode (the ability to dial more than one device) with IP dialing.

Also, without knowing any of the details which Doorbird model or how the video is set - codecs, payloads, bit rates and the like, the question is rather open ended. I looked at what little documentation I could find, but I was not able to find any info that led me to believe that the device is capable of talking to more than a single SIP point. I would not take my finding as the answer as I am not familiar with it, but hopefully someone else using the same will see the post and advise.


This is our Doorbird model: DoorBird IP Video Door Station D2101KV.

I can’t seem to find any one Doorbird forum that is currently being used. I’ve reached out to the company twice with no reply.

Do you know if there is a way to connect the Grandstream phones? As in, one phone triggers the other to ring simultaneously? Or they mirror each other?

This page on the Doorbird site is confusing as to if this two phone feature exists or if it’s “in the future”


It exists, but it is using a PBX to do so. It still looks to me that it can only connect to one SIP device. By connecting to a PBX, that is one SIP device, but a call can be sent to the PBX which can then send the call to a ring group consisting of many phones. I have done further searches, but my initial thoughts remain the same. I am not finding anything that makes me think that it supports what you seek.


Ok, thanks so much for the insight. What is a PBX?


Private Branch eXchange take a look at the Grandstream UCM6202. It is a telephone system that is used to manage inbound telephone lines in order to connect them with any number of extensions inside an office, building, etc.


I believe the DoorBird units can only establish one SIP connection at a time. I have successfully installed the DoorBird Android app on my GXV3380. You should be able to install it on two GXV3370’s. Ultimately, I would suggest you opt for a SIP hosted PBX like Onsip, where you could register your DoorBird’s as devices and route them to a call group for your Grandstream endpoints. Many SIP providers now support SIP video.