Door Station Password Barcode Font Too Small / Error with Scanning



The printed password on the barcode is a bit small and may not be easily readable given the small font size.

Most barcodes read as uppercase letters, however, the passcode assigned on the beta unit has one or more lower case letters, meaning that if anyone scans the barcode, the password read by the scanner will not be the same as the real password, rendering the barcode invalid.

I recommend using a larger font/sticker and because I like the idea of using a barcode to obtain initial passcodes, I recommend using only valid barcode reader characters including only upper case letters.


The font size will be increased in official released/shipping GDS3705 device.

Could you advise what kind of bar code reader you are referring to? Model, Vendor? Could be the barcode reader with old firmware?

I am using barcode reader APPs from my smartphone (free APPs) and I have no problem to get the password correctly. But I am not expert of barcode reader and I am not sure whether using only upper case letters is the industry standard. Appreciate anyone with the knowledge please share so we can improve.

Thanks for Beta testing GDS3705!


Android app “Barcode Scanner” v4.7.7 was easily able to lock on to the barcode and scan with no issues on a Galaxy Note 4 and HTC One M8. Our Taotronics TT-BS003 USB scanner gun was able to lock on instantly, as well. All with no errors.

My eyes, on the other hand, can barely read the password. :slight_smile:

Many barcode standards exist that allow for both upper and lowercase letters. Looks like this one is a CODE 128, which can encode all all 128 ASCII characters, as per spec.


Not all barcode readers “read” full ASCII character sets but I would agree there are many that do. It might be prudent to set a flag in the software at bootup to prompt the user at login to set a password so that factory resets and new installs will look always look the same and never depend on a sticker that may be damaged, missing, or simply fall off along the way. Solution is no password sticker and no font change needed if GS goes that route.


Thanks for all the feedback.

The random password is a lesson referenced by US law suite, and there is another small sticker with default password inside the device at the back where the wiring interface board inserted to. The front sticker is designed for easy peering off and stick somewhere (like notebook) for storage on purpose. Because we got complains that GDS3710 after installation trying to log in but the password is already sealed into the wall.

The suggestion will be sent to engineering team for consideration about changing the default password.

Again, thank you for all the testing and feedback!


Can you please just make the font size bigger? Like twice as big? You have plenty of empty space on the sticker and lots of old people like me trying to read it. :slight_smile:


Yes, we will increase the font in next batch manufacturing. Currently, please use free bar code scanner APPs in your smart phone to scan the password or take a picture for future reference if factory reset is required after you changed the current default password. Thanks for all the feedback!