Door pic on GXP2170


Is it possible to get any sort of picture from a GDS3710 to a GXP2170 phone,
We have been testing the GDS on a freepbx server and it calls and opens the door ok from a GXP but there is no picture.
We have also tested the same setup from the GDS to a mobile phone using grandstream wave and an internal sip account and this gets a picture perfect and also opens the door.



Yes you can get, but Freepbx do not support it.
GDS add XML tag to SIp invite which must be forwarded to GXP series phone.
MObie use full Video that’s it work.

You can check this by dialing IP phone via IP from GDS which will result in “video”.


Thanks I did try direct and it does work fine but you dont get the GDS door open button on the phone.
I will try work out how to get freepbx working with them


Button also work, check pdf:


thanks this works if i dial the ext number but not direct.
in the phones DGS settings you have to assign the GDS to a line which i presume the call does not use direct


IP mean call on line but line dpend on PORT.
Each line have different SIP port.
So you can use: IP:5062 (line2 default port) as IP call, then you will receive it on 2 line.