Does "Event Log" actually work on GDS3710?


My GDS3710 is on firmware, and today I wanted to browse the Event Log to check the times when a certain visitor had entered.

To my surprise, the Event Log displays nothing at all. I first checked for the past day, and then for the past couple of weeks. When I check for the longer period, the page displayed a message “Loading…” that took a few seconds and then disappeared, leaving the table below still showing no rows and displaying “Loading…”

For some reason I seem to remember this used to work? Has it changed?


PS - I was initially trying this on Mac Safari, but I confirmed that it exhibits the same behavior on Chrome, too.

PPS - I checked in the javascript network debugger, and there is definitely an XHR data exchange occurring with the GDS3710, but the formatted results never display in the table on the webpage.


I have also turned off all extensions and cleared the cache to try to ensure that this isn’t a byproduct of some old code. I think there’s just a problem handing the formatting and display of the Event Log records returned via XHR by the GDS3710. I could limit the results to the record types I was interested in and see the relevant data in the javascript debugger, but it never displays in the table.


@rickross: Are you refering the “Event Log” or “Event Notification” in the UI?

If you enabled “Central” mode and your GDSManager does NOT pull all the logs from GDS and clear the records, you should be able to clike “Search” icon in the “Maintenance -> Event Log” to see those logs. Assuming your already have a database in the “Card Management” UI.

Ifyou are referring to “Event Notification”, then you need to setup a server and cofigure the event dump to that server, you can click “test” in the UI to see whether it works, then collect the event notification via network. This is most service provider did in their network setups, to monitor the device’s status lively.

One last time, if you upgrade to from old firmware, please perform factory reset to clear out internal registers to avoid unexpected issue.

Hope this helps and please update your result. Thank you for using GDS3710.