Does DOD works with E1 Trunk?



My client has an E1 service trunk, and he wants to use DOD to make his calls with the number of an especific DID. Is it posible? Or this function only works on SIP Trunk?


Which UCM series?


It is a UCM6308A


That model doesnt have an ISDN/T1/E1 interface, which model of Grandstream are you installing for the E1?


The E1 would be received by a GXW4501, in order to reach the UCM6308A


Try setting the DOD of the handset at the UCM using the SIP trunk to the E1 interface to verify the outbound caller id is set on an extension level rather than at the trunk level


Ok, thank you very much for the advice. I have already try it on a Peer SIP Trunk between 2 IP PBX, and it works perfectly.
By now, i can´t do the test, because the scenario is not ready yet. My customer asked me about this function as a requisite for a proyect he has, but i think that there is a chance that it can works. I just wanted to be sure, in case that someone has had the same case.


I would suggest to open a ticket with Grandstream asking them for the answer to ensure that it will do what is necessary - as I do not know your country specific dialling etc.



Yes, It works very well and you don’t have to worry about that.


In most cases, the provider will control the outbound DID based upon the range of DIDs that came with the service. As a result, it may depend on whether you want to send a CID that represents a number that is a part of the service or something that it outside of that. Nevertheless, you should check to see what the provider allows as they are the controlling factor and the last piece of the puzzle prior to your call finding its way to the network.