Dodo australia, grandstream 801t, account not valid


Have you contacted Dodo and asked for assistance?
Yes, I have now received a dodo modem from them, and am going to set up that modem in tandem with mine in bridged mode, so as to have the better wifi with my dlink router, but have the voip service with the dodo modem…

however, if I have the ability to politely tell them to stick their huge white useless modem up their bumoles, I will gladly take the opportunity.

I bought the Grandstream device from a supplier here in australia.
I bought the dlink.

Dodo did supply my voip login details, and password with a little “pressure” on my part, but to no avail… The grandstream still comes up with the “this account is not valid” notification.

It is an automated message. I cannot tell weather its coming from the grandstream, or dodo systems.

When I input anything but my voip account id (voip4#####) the grandstream turns up being unregistered.
The same happens with the authenticate id.

If i could find somewhere in the grandstream ui, an account number input box, or something akin to it, i might be able to try to fix the issue…

Sorry for the tardy reply, as i have very little free time.

Thank you again all for your help.
I will give anything a shot to get the device to work.


Ill try to get around to tryin this this weekend.

After I do some intense googling how.


Dmz did nothing.


The HT has no ability to play a message like that you are getting. It is merely an adapter to convert analog into SIP. The message is from the provider as they would be the only one to know about the validity of the account credentials.

As a test, get rid of your router and just use their router to see. SIP alg needs to be disabled in the routers as well as any modems if so equipped.

The credentials are those associated to the SIP Server/proxy, auth id and password. My guess is that perhaps the outbound CID may be in error. However, dodo should be able to guide/inform as to which field is the issue.


I assumed the message was from the isp.

I have a router of theirs, and the phone line works with that router.

However, I paid 70 aud for the grandstream device including delivery, and I would prefer that being used as opposed to the dodo modem, as its much smaller and actually mine.
Dodo “loaned” me their decade old device for a $24 charge… Id like to send it back to them.

Dodo only give advice on their supplied devices… which I inderstand. Why would they give advice on another oem’s device.

I was to understand that the grandstream device was to be plug and play, and there was no setup involved from all the literature and videos i watched on the device prior to my buying it. I’m a little disappointed that its not working, and there doesnt seem to be a simple fix.

At this point, Im resigned to the fact that i will have to set up the dodo modem in bridged mode and have 2 modems working and a perfectly good grandstream ht801 sitting in my drawer.