Do not buy grandstream wp810 wifi ip if you want to call international


Hello everyone, Grandstream WIFI WP810 phone can not make international calls, I note to you that if you buy to use and intend to make international calls, you absolutely do not buy WP810, should upgrade the WP820 series.

With 1 IP PBX, same WiFi SSID, same calling location, setting up the same ext number, WP810 cannot make international calls. The incoming call point has a call signal, but when you agree to the call, you cannot hear or say anything.

If only one device fails, there will be no problem, but I bought all 5 machines and it will be the same error, trying to replace the ext number of the regular phone still does not work, every test I try by.

CONCLUSION is that WP810 cannot be called internationally.

I use GXP1625 desk phone and WP820 wifi phone to call normally.
The company asked to send log of devices and capture test calls to check, send it all and now ask to send more and more things, very annoying, while they are the company, they have enough equipment to test it. bear.
I opened the box all by mistake, so it can’t be helped, the trouble from GRANDSTREAM is unacceptable. Looks like spending personal money to buy those 5 WP810.
I only pay attention to warn you about the product codes of Grandstream when buying, it is best to borrow the model to buy and test first, test it carefully and then buy.


I have 17 WP810 handsets in use by customers and they are perfectly capable of making international calls.


You are talking total rubbish, the handset can make and receive calls to whatever it is programmed or allowed to dial or receive.




Absolutely no basis? You can capture log to check it, if you don’t know it someone else can help you.


Using WP810 only for international calls.