DNS forwarding



I have a Windows domain that has it’s own DNS server but I’m using the router’s DHCP to allocate IP addresses. The issue is that clients querying the router as a secondary DNS can’t get local network names resolution. I’ve tried many tweaks so to get the router to resolve local addresses but with no success yet.
Is there a way that I can achieve that goal?


On 7000, maybe try to use “DHCP Preferred DNS” to provision your own DNS server address?


It’s not what I’m asking for. I know exactly how to provision network DHCP clients. I’m already provisioning network clients this way through GWN DHCP server: Windows Server as primary and GWN as secondary.
But what I want is to have GWN router as a forwarder to forward client’s queries to Windows Server DNS Server as his primary resolver and ideally to cache those results for at least record’s TTL. If it doesn’t get any reply from Windows Server, then to forward queries to ISP or to manually configured public DNS.


I"m still waiting for an answer from Grandstream staff. Could you please respond to my question?


Maybe try to setup WAN preffered DNS on 7000 to your Windows Server address.


This doesn’t make it. That’s because to be able to reach Windows Server it would need to send DNS requests on the LAN side as it’s where the Windows Server resides, but because it’s configure on the WAN link it’s sending requests there and of course it couldn’t find Windows Server there and there’s no way to configure a DNS on LAN links. Could be a good idea to be able to do so. Any other idea so how to fix that issue?