DND feature


I can see that having the DND softkey on the left most key is going to be an issue. It is VERY easy to accidently hit the key, and the DND symbol is not that noticeable (as opposed to the giant DND on the GXP21XX series)
Maybe putting that on the second screen of the WP800 would be better…

Also, maybe I am missing this, but I am not seeing that you can disable DND in the web GUI of the phone…

We have MANY customers that want DND not accessible for the end user.



Would it be better if we make DND activation by holding down a certain key or make it a menu option? Currently, I don’t think we have an option to disable DND entirely but that’s something we will evaluate.



Holding down the DND key would be a great improvement. This afternoon, when we were testing, I know I inadvertently activated it numerous times. I can see this as being a big issue when customers are using it in the field.

Again, most of your other products allow DND to be “disabled” and this is a feature that a lot of our customers request.


Our test team likes the “hold down” idea.


Put down another vote for the “HOLD-DOWN” idea


I support this.



We will evaluate these suggestion:

  1. Holding down a key to activate DND
  2. Ability to disable DND entirely



Now that our QA team is actively testing our unit, the DND feature has to go! :slight_smile: Our tester actually had to READ THE MANUAL to find out what the red icon meant because they kept turning DND on accidentally while trying to unlock the phone.

If nothing else, make the dnd button different from the unlock button, but we still like the idea of a 2 second hold.


Would there realistically be a way to have a DND screen like on the GXP21XX series phones that overshadows the whole screen?

Those phones also had the small red icon (as the WP800 does now) then the display was changed to make it noticeable.



We noted the suggestion that the DND icon is not sufficient enough make the user aware that DND is active. If we added a “Do not disturb” text along with the icon do you guys think that’s good enough? We are not sure if it’s possible to match GXP21xx design.



I think it would depend on the colour, font and location of the notice is placed.

What is being asked for is something very prominent and visible from afar.


If “DO NOT DISTURB” could be in RED capital Text, to the right of the DND ICON, that would definitely help (In our opinion at least)



We checked the GXP21xx and have suggested to make the DND icon bigger and the text “DO NOT DISTURB” (in all caps) next to the icon. The location will likely be the same.



Sounds good, Thank You.