Distinctive Ring on ht-812 ata


Hi, i try to used distinctive ring on ht-812 ata. I see with wireshark the alert-info=Bellcore-dr2 is send to the ata but i keep get the default ring pattern on the phone… Any advice ??


Hi PCaddict,

I was actually able to do it. Left the settings as they were, then experimented with the values in the distinctive ring part of the Profile 1 section. I understand that the pattern is “c=milisecondsRinging/milisecondsPause-repeat-repeat;”. The semicolon seems to matter.

I set c=2000/1000-500/500-500/1000; for the dist ring 1, then added the number which is to ring that way in the section further up. It works, but the caller ID became spotty. Tech support claims there has to be min. 1000 ms pause after the first ring, but I found it worked on and off with other values.

You can also do “c=1000/100;”, I imagine - it will ring “fast and furiously”.

See if the above works for you.


Do you have control of the alert into header?

It is not clear if the message is exactly as you have posted or something somewhat different -
alert-info=Bellcore-dr2 or Alert-Info: Bellcore-dr2

I think the format should be:

I believe the syntax is telling the device how/where to find the tone and use it. Your syntax is more of a text string that might be used for a custom ring tone that is mapped to same. Much like “intercom” or other text.


They correct.
CID is transported after 1 or 2 ring (found it hard way as you).
In your case first is 2000/1000 -> it should be possible, but if your CID is transported after 2 ring then 500/500 prevent it.
1000/100 will make this impossible for sure.

try 2000/2000-500/500 and see if you see number.
If not go 2000/2000-2000/2000-500/500 and check if you see number.
If it work you can try lowering times like 1000/1000-500/500


thanks guys for your fast answer i test this and get you back. Thanks again