Display number of callers in call queue


Running UCM6208 with 2160’s.
Wondering if there is an easy way to display the number of callers in a queue (or if there are 0, to display that).
I have open VPKs, but can’t find how to do that.


No, not currently using a phone, The only way to know is to log into the UCM and look at the Dashboard or accessing a user portal and possibly seeing same on switchboard (have not personally used).


I imaging you could setup a raspberry pie connected to a tv everyone could see. Also, queue agents could log into the portal and keep that window open.


Is it possible to set a BLF to the queue #?


FYI, Setting a VPK as a BLF pointing to the cue extension does work. Green if no calls, Red if agent is on a call, flashing red if agent(s) on a call and queue is populated.