Display is GREAT. Big improvement over GXP2XXX


The DISPLAY on the 2614 is GREAT! The new graphics on the LCD are much cleaner and easier to see information on than the GXP phones. Also, the new layout makes the smaller display not seem as small and crowded.

Also, the LEDs for the keys are brighter and easier to see.


They are looking into the possibility of retrofitting the new UI on the GXP series. The resolution might not be the same but the new UI is a lot prettier and also easier to read.


Definitely easier (and quicker) to read! I think it will definitely enhance customer satisfaction with the product(s)


Query as a follow-on to this (I am not on the Beta so I cannot look myself) - have they improved the ring tones on this new phone or are they the same as the GXPs?


They look (and sound) to be the same…



We are open to suggestions to improve the default ringtone. You can create another thread on this topic.



Not that its “perfect”, however, we have changed the default “ringtone” to this for years:


At least it doesn’t sound like the tone you hear when calling someone, and has stopped the mass complaints we were getting from customers previously.



We noted this suggestion.