Discontinuation of built-in weather forecast service 6/30/2022


Hello Users,

We have a general announcement about our weather forecast service becoming EOL.

Grandstream will officially discontinue our built-in weather forecast service. The last day of the service will be 6/30/2022.

thank you!


Will upcoming firmware updates for effected products “delete” this feature and existing programming on the device to eliminate the NA on the display? I know you can eliminate it through programming, but asking for all those you don’t change their programming effectively…


Hi alatarus,

Thanks for bringing this up. For phones currently have weather service, we plan to remove weather-related content from phone’s UI and release new firmware around the same time frame when the weather service is discontinued.

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Thank you for the update!


RIP. Much Loved feature.


I was just wondering why it says “Weather Ending Soon”… Now I know. I have a lot of customers who liked the feature too. I’ll be expecting those calls.


The feature is also really liked.


This feature may seem a bit futile and unnecessary but is highly appreciated by users.
An alternative should be appreciated.


Indeed. The weather was an appreciated feature.


Is there a replacement coming? It was a great addition so why is it being discontinued?


Grandstream sells telephones and telecommunication accessories,
that was an “optional” service that is no longer offered.
Other vendors sell the weather stations.


I have the latest firmware but the LCD still displays the N/A. Will this change in a newer firmware release?


Grandstream officially ceased support in June 2022 for the weather service,
just look at the post above



I did that’s why I asked the same thing since it hasn’t been resolved.


The newest firmware for the GXP phones does eliminate the “N/A” on the display as the weather service has been removed as a feature (I believe it is


@alatarus thanks very much I was on so not the latest so I just updated and yes it resolved it. Thanks again.


You can just disable the service from config screen… After that, no N/A …


Very likely as they used Weather Underground which closed the API and / or made it so expensive its not feasible to use it.

We are developing a software related product that uses weather and there still are free API available, so not sure why Grandstream didnt investigate them