Disabling BLF Caller ID



Is anyone aware of a way to disable the Caller ID presented on a BLF key?

I’ve found search results regarding this function NOT working on particular PBXs, however I am trying to identify a way to turn it off.

We’re having a client state that this violates a privacy policy… they just want the green/red indicator, without the additional information regarding who someone is speaking with.


EDIT: We host these phones on a Metaswitch platform.


You might want to try with “Hide BLF Remote Status” in the “Settings > Call Features” page of the phone’s WebGUI. My PBX doesn’t do that so I can’t test that.


We had that feature put in since we were having the same issue. The PBX software we use sends all call info down to the phones in the NOTIFY’s and it’s up to the endpoint to strip it.

It became an issue of HIPAA and FERPA privacy violations (and even internal business privacy) if people could see who someone was talking to if they were a BLF on their phone. Even more so when ours would say (To/From) based on if the party was calling or called.


I can confirm this works on the GXP series phones but I’ve been unable to disable BLF callerID (Remote Status as Grandstream calls it) on the GXV3350 video phone. Anyone know how to do this on the GXV’s?


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