Disable WAVE popup on ring


I have a client with a UCM6301. Each user has a deskphone (GXP2135) and WAVE Desktop. When a call to that extension comes in they would like a way to disable the WAVE phone pop-up without DND mode. They use WAVE strictly for the chat function and would like to be able to stop the app from popping up on the screen for a call but still get notified for a message.




Dear user,

Thank you for using Wave application and UCM63xx! We have received this feature request and it has been passed to our developing team for evaluation. Based on your request, if you try to set the account status to “Offline”, even though others will see that your account is disabled, but you will still receive the notifications. I think your request is to disable the call function and only reserve the chat function. I have reported such feature to our developing team for evaluation. Thanks!

Thank you!