Disable mute as dnd with template in GDMS


Any way to disable the “mute as dnd” feature for DP-750/752 using GDMS in a template?

I don’t see an option, do I do this with a Pcode, like I did to disable the weather on the GXP-2135’s?


I constantly have end users setting their phones to DND by accident, I guess because they are hitting/holding down the mute button. This causes their phones to quit working and a frantic support ticket that we have to deal with. Thanks…


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! These options are not in current version of GDMS platform. If the user wants to use these options, the user can add these P values in “Text Editor” in GDMS platform.

P values: 30640 - 30659 (for 20 HS)

Even though current GDMS platform does not have these options, we will consider to improve it in future GDMS release. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


So if there is only one handset attached to the base, I would disable “mute as dnd” feature by setting 30640=0 in the text editor within the template in GDMS?


Hi Fonewiz,

Yes, if it is HS 1, you can use “30640=0” in the text editor to enable this feature in GDMS platform. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!