Disable LEDs to save energy consumption and avoid useless light notifications


I believe that you should provide in the configuration of your ATAs the possibility to enable LEDs only when FXS or FXO ports are off-hook.
For example, the parameter “LED status timeout” set to 0 => LED notifications always active. Set to 60, LEDs will be OFF after 60 seconds.
e.g. ATA is supplied => LED status is enabled for the first 60s from boot, then will be turned off.
As soon a phone (FXS) goes off-hook or a line (FXO) receive a RING, LED status return active and will go off 60s after the FXO/FXS lines goes IDLE.
I have a HT802 ATA connected to 2 phones, in my house, and it’s really annoying seeing the 4 LEDs always ON, during day and night.
Also, even if LED power is really low, I believe that this is a good feature for “green customers”.
Thanks for any reply.


It’s not easy being green. :blush:


Go with ticket, this is user forum.
I remember this setting change in HT7xx i think.