DISA on UCM6202


I’ve launched a DISA on UCM6202. The DISA has an international access or permission; inbound is on IVR and DISA next to it.

The problem is that when I call from FXO line, after entering password and phone beeping on extension line, no number will accepted by the system.

It should be noted that when I call IVR via an extension line go to DISA, there is no problem with calling extension line and FXO.


99% problems with outgoing rules or permissions


thanks. the permission is ok and the internal connection with DISA has established but the problem is occured with incomming call from FXO.


Try this:
Set DTMF mode to inband or autodetection at all extensions & in extension settings from UCM
Also at the trunks
You should then have one setting with all devices and trunks.
Analog trunks don´t have a setting here, because it´s anyway inband because it can´t deliver or receive it in
another way than tones.
Hope this helps…