DISA on main number?


Is it possible to enable DISA on a line that defaults to IVR? If so, is the DID Pattern the same?

I would like workers to be able to call the main line remotely and get the same features as their workstation handset.


A DISA can be a target of an IVR, and a user can call an IVR (by number) from a DISA. But they are two separate things.

If you make a DISA, then the caller has the ability to call any valid internal number, or local/national/international number, depending on the permission you set.


You can add short number instead of long to IVR etc.
Just add it in speed dial :slight_smile:


Can users check their voicemail from the DISA number with permission national?


Yes, users can check voicemail from DISA. However, I think they might need to dial *98 instead of *97. After dialing *98, the user would then enter their extension, then password.


If you dial *97 and it doesn’t recognize your extension number (because you don’t have one, in the case of a DISA) it will prompt for the extension number. No need to dial *98.