Disa & Call Back



Dear Experts,

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Please be informed that for the DISA point, the behavior remains unclear: It is not routed by any outbound rule and the privilege level is not operational. The DISA-based callback is impacted by the same problem.
Note that the goal is for the privilege (International / National / Local) chosen from DISA to be functional.

In Outbound rules you can find attached the configuration.

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you don’t understand what exactly is the problem, what you want to get and what questions you are doing,
Then Screen Attachment Where?
There are no scenario and details.
This is a forum between users, it is not the grandTream assistance that you find here if you do not receive answers:


Hi damiano70, please you can find the configuraton attached


Different settings are involved, I can only give you the 1 screen solution.
Then I notice that you have enabled the filter, why?
Is the trunk set correctly?
Why that pattern?


Hi damiano70,
yes the trunk set correctly we can make inside outside calls also fax workgreat.
But we don’t know how disa & call back working? Becasue wehave enabled the filter.