Directory lookup on inbound calls


We have a bunch of company phone numbers in an LDAP directory. On inbound calls, the phone will show the directory name if the caller ID number matches the directory number, instead of the inbound caller ID name, which is exactly what I want.

My problem however, is that many times we don’t get a directory match because of the 1… Some numbers we dial must include the 1, so these are in the directory as such so they can actually be used to dial with, others are not, because the call will fail if they are included. Compounding the issue is a 50/50 chance of the caller ID info including the 1 or not.

Is there any way to make the Caller ID directory matching ignore the 1? Or do a partial match…


You can try customizing the LDAP filter.

Like : (PhoneNumber=%)

Which will search phone numbers containing the value. Instead of equaling it.