Direct ip call grp2614 to wp820


Hi Forum,

I am new here. I have a private setup with one grp2614 and a wp820 both working as they should. Both connected via two sip-numbers by our Germany internet provider.
Now I wanted to realize the possibility to call internally via direct IP call. But I cannot get it wo work.
Both devices are within the same subnet, having fixed IPs and

If I dial the IP of the WP820, no connection can be established. I do not find the possibility for starting an ip call from WP820’s side.

Does it whatsoever support direct ip call? In admin guide I found a hint in section phone settings (page 52) "this parametet must be set to “no” for direct ip calling to work. (random rtp port setting)

Really would appreciate your support in this. Thanks a lot, Michael


GRP side: turn off random port and enable port.


i did. i have fixed ports for every sip accounts on my both devices.
i have set to tcp. could that be the fault, since i read something related in a different thread. they said ip calls just work with udp?


It should work on TCP also i think (not tested). Catch packets and see what is going there.
It work on UDP.


checked it an switched back to udp. nothing changed.
just to highlight it: the wp820 can be reached via direct ip calls?

catched packets yesterday, but did not have time to investigate it fully. will do tonight.


Without problem both ways.


got it to work from grp to wp820. somehow weird, I changed the sip ports, then I changed them back and afterwards it started to work.

any idea how to adjust the caller id that the grp sends? at the moment it always takes the sip number of the first phone account.


Ip call is from 1 account always (5060).
You would need move account to 2 get Ip call use 1 account.