Direct-callback configuration


Hello All,
I have configured an analog trunk to direct callback.
The callback is working fine but it is directing the incoming call to an IVR with 2 options (1 for trunk’s default destination, and 2 to call the number that previously called you).
is there any way to disable this and make calling back always to the number that previously called?
or at least configure this IVR for a timeout destination and changing the prompt message.


it’s not actually working you’re doing something wrong,
on SIP Trunk it works fine, on PSTN I never tried

Allows external numbers the option to get directed to the extension that last called them.

For Example, User 2002 has dialed external number 061234575 but they were not reachable, once they have received missed call notification on their phone, they would mostly call back the number, if the option “Direct Callback” is enabled then they will be directly bridged to user 2002 regardless of the configured inbound destination.


@damiano70 Do you know how long the direct callback is in effect? For example, if the person called back in a week or a second time will it always reroute to the calling extension?


works for an unknown period after last call,
you can ask Grandstream support, kindly post the result here:



Here is the reply from GS Support…

Can you clarify the behaviour of direct callback?

  • The purpose of this option is to allow external numbers to get directed to the extension that last called them.

How long does this stay in effect?

  • It doesn’t have a timeout, and just for 1st return