Differentiate internal/external ringtone on HT-8XX


Do you kindly know how to differentiate internal/external ringtone on HT-8XX?

  • internal example -> drin-drin
    external -> drin-drin-drin


pattern for internal is XXX (x long as internal)


tnx @Marcin


Unfortunately I can not do the test (the analog phones in my hands now have an internal ringer, so I can not see the difference in ringing). I set ringer 3 I still have to set the value below:

  • Ring Tone 1: c=2000/4000;
  • Ring Tone 3 : -> what can I enter?


Customizes the Ring Tone 1 to 3 with associate caller ID: when selected, if
caller ID is configured, then the device will ONLY use this ring tone when the
incoming call is from the Caller ID. System Ring Tone is used for all other
calls. When selected but no Caller ID is configured, the selected ring tone will
be used for all incoming calls using the FXS port. Distinctive ring tones can
be configured not only for matching a whole number, but also for matching
prefixes. In this case the symbol “x+” will be used.
For example: if configured as 617x+, Ring Tone 1 will be used in case of call
arrived from the area code 617. Any other incoming call will ring using
cadence defined in parameter System Ring Cadence located under
Advanced Settings Configuration page.
Note: If server supports Alert-Info header and standard ring tone set
(Bellcore) or distinctive ring tone 1-10 is specified, then the ring tone in the
Alert-Info header from server will be used. Bellcore rings and tones are
independent from custom ring tones.
The custom ring tones can also be specified by alert-info header, for example
Alert-Info: ;info=ring5


this is simple signal/silence. 1000/1000 is fast short ring.
Do not lower then 1000 as you can have problem with numbers.


thanks @Marcin as soon as I have an analog phone without “ridiculous” ringtone I try, in the field Caller id I put [1-3]xx, to recognize the interior from 100 to 399, I guess it would be fine


thank you @lpneblett I am trying to translate correctly what you wrote to me, to understand what you want to say to me :yum: