Different UCM locations when using HA100


Hello Fam,
I would like to know whether:

  1. I can deploy 2 UCM6510 with the HA100, but place the two UCMs in different geographical locations/sites. The two sites are reachable via MPLS VPN.
  2. Is it possible to deploy multiple HA100s in the same network so you can have multiple UCMs for failover?

  1. No, HA have physical connection.
  2. Yes/no. Ha is link between 2 UCM so you cannot have multiple UCM in logic structure.
    Yes as you can set Phones gateway to register to backup/secondary sip server.

2 UCM with HA as primary, extra 2 UCM with HA as secondary/backup.
So it is possible to make somehow your designed network but you need 2-4 unit depend how you want protect.

PS. There is not possible to sync auto 2 site for same settings (only backup ulpoad).


Hi Friends,

I have the same issue

I have 2 x datacenter, one principal in Lisbon and the fail over in Oporto, 380km away.

The main datacenter is in Lisbon they have all main services there, with dedicated fiber connection, fixed IP, MPLS, etc…
The datacenter in Oporto it’s replicating all the information from lisbon.

When connection fail in lisbon, the operator change the fixed IP to Oporto, and all the information is established there in failover.

If I put both UCM65xx and HA100 only in lisbon, and if the p.ex. the internet system fails, I’m going to be unconnected, because I have all connections servers and bothe UCM’s and Ha in the same dataceter! So I need to have one of the UCM’s in the other Datacenter in Oporto and HA too.

How can I solve this ?

Is it possible to do this with a RS485 - ethernet converter ?

Best regards


If you not need CDR then you can simply upload backup to 2 UCM. This will cause problem with CDR and recording.
Backup can be auto done every day and stored on SFTP, just need upload this 2 second UCM.
Backup restore only manual.