Different ringtones for receiving calls by extensions and external numbers



How can i set different ringtones for receiving calls by extensions and external numbers on gxw4224?



The key is in the alert-info SIP header and or caller-id settings.

Is the desire such that when an FXS extension receives a call from another extension it will have one ring tone and then a different tone if the call is from an external source DID?

Your question lacks some clarity. Nevertheless, you can look at the GXW manual and search for alert-info which will inform what the GXW needs in order to allow a connected FXS device to ring differently, but not knowing what the GXW is connected to, it will be up to you to determine if that device is capable of handling.


The thing is, we used to have an analog PABX that we configured to ring differently when it receive calls by extensions, just to know when we can hang up differently (not telling the name of the company and what ever), now we have 3 GXW 24, 16, 16 ports and I want to configure it in the same way, just changing the ringtone for extension to extension calls.

I have found this code “Alert-Info:;info=ring2” i guess the IP is who the ringtone is aplied to ring, but the question is where do i put it?


The GXW is connected to some device (a pbx presumably). It is the PBX that will need to discriminate as to what is an external or internal call and be able to populate and send the alert-info to the GXW. The GXW, on the other hand, needs to be configured to accept the alert-info header such that it matches and then you select what tone you want for the conditions.

Your link to what you saw is not valid as it is a localhost IP.

Again, the PBX must send the message and the GXW as the receiving device must have an entry that matches. Not all PBX devices support this. What you put in the PBX alert-header field is up to you and/or what the PBX limitation is. As you have not indicated what the PBX device is, I am not able to provide any more specific info as you will need to refer to the GXW manual and the manual of whatever PBX or other device you have. The alert-info is normally a field that can be found within a PBX function - inbound routes, ring groups, queues, etc.