Different External/Internal CID's


using a ucm 62xx, sip trunk with 2 did’s. is there a way to configure different cid’s for internal and external calls? IE if one extension calls internally another extension their name will show up. however if using a DOD their cid will be different (and not the same as the global or trunk cid).


To be clear there is CallerID (CID) and CallerName (Cnam). One shows the number, the other the name associated to the number. When calling internally - extension to extension, the CID will show as the extension number.

When calling externally, it depends in what type of service you have. If using PSTN, then in most cases, the CID is controlled by the provider and you will likely be stuck with main number associated to the account as being the CID.

If using SIP, it again depends on the provider as some will allow you to set the CID to your desire whereas others will control it to prevent scamming (using a number that is not associated to the account/yours). If the provider will allow, then it is just a question of which SIP header they use to obtain the CID and then setting up the UCM to send the needed header with the desired info. Some of the fields that may be used are: From, PAI and RPID.

I am not sure I answered your question as you post seems to have one answer when mentioning DOD and internal to internal. If I did not provide the info needed, then please elaborate more so about what you are wishing to accomplish.


thanks for the reply, you kind of answered it, let me elaborate better i know i was a bit vague.

our sip provider lets us set our own CID’s.

in our exact situation if i have “keep trunk CID” checked and i have the CID of the trunks set to “Company Name” as expected no matter what extension calls (even if it has a DOD associated with it) it dials out as the main number and the CID is displays as “Company Name”

when dialing internally, as expected the CID of the internal call is “CallerID Number” “First Name” and “Last Name” associated with the extension.

If we uncheck “keep trunk CID” as expected the internal CID stays the same, and as expected the external CID now shows the DOD number associated with the extension AND the CID name is “First Name” and “Last Name”

this is all as expected

However what i want to be able to do is have the ability to have all extensions WITHOUT a DOD associated with it call externally as the main trunk number and CID. Have ALL internal calls use the CID of “First Name” and “Last Name”. And also have extensions with DOD’s associated with it to have a separate CID only for external calls.

thats kind of the best way i can think of to describe it.

thanks in advance


AFAIR, what you want to do is set the default name and number to what you want to show for external calls. Use the DOD feature for those you want to over write. Of course keep CID unchecked.

Internal calls are unaffected by this.


awesome thanks. seems i confused the purpose of the DOD Name field.