Differences between GSC3510 and GSC3516?


I was wondering what the main difference was between the GSC3510 and 3516 intercom speakers? As far as I can tell it just seems to be the wattage of the actual speaker and a slight difference in external appearance.

Do they have different use cases? Is one a newer model of the other?


Yes, GSC3516 is new product, comparing to GSC3510, the difference is:

  1. 15Watt HD Speaker (vs 8Watt)
  2. Extra 1 omnidirectional auxiliary microphone
  3. More WiFi protocal supported (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)

Hope this helps. Thank you for your interest to Grandstream Access Control Products.


Thank you - that is handy to know. In our case the extra omni microphone would be useful although the speaker would be powered by PoE so the wifi is less needed.

Assuming the speaker volume is set to an appropriate level, is the voice audio quality of the newer GSC3516 similar to the GSC3510? I had wondered if the more powerful speaker might have less definitiion and nuance since it might sound like it was “shouting” rather than just tlaking. The setting it will be used in is indoors in an open plan domestic home with one floor. I have not been able to find any videos giving any real world audio examples of the Intercom speaker family.


i guess more watt is for industry type of deployment (noise, high celling etc) and extra mic for same.
It could be better to have home mybe, but would check price difference :slight_smile:


Yes, @Marcin is right.

For home use, I think GSC3510 should be enough. If need extra microphone, you can try GMD1208 or similar Bluetooth microphone pairing to GSC3510, to see whether it helps in your application scene.