DID configuration on the UCM6510



It is the first time that I have contact with the UCM6510 and I am having difficulty configuring the DID numbers.

My scenario is as follows … Here I have an E1 trunk with a main number, and my idea is that any external number calls directly to an internal extension without having to go through the IVR. Is this possible on the UCM6510?


this depends on your line provider and you configure it in the incoming paths
example 023456201 -> 201


My line provider provides 50 DID numbers linked to the main number. The point is that I was not able to make this configuration in UCM, I tried all the ways and I couldn’t.


if the service is working properly on the operator side it must also work here, first of all get the exact 50 numbers
as far as

then you can try it like I wrote on it
some variations could be an example:

I mean, you have to tell the UCM exactly what to do…

create a pcap and see exactly what comes with _x. (accept all)


If my main number is 22339150, and the DID numbers are 9151-> 9199 and I just want extension 9190 to receive direct calls, what would be the entry rule? My current entry rule for extension 9190 looks like this:


I wrote it down for you what to do
try with _22339190 -> 9190 in the pattern (eliminating _x.)
and read the manual I published for you


You need to set the Digit Deletion length to ignore the digits before the extension range.


Page 19 onwards of the document @damiano70 posted.


if you work with digit deletion you’ll have problems in other configurations, you always have to create every song you go through, I’ve already wasted time on it and encountered many problems


The answer is yes, what you seek very possible. The key however is that the PRI is sending a number across to the UCM. The number represents the DID that the caller used to reach you, but when sent to the UCM, it may not be the same number as what the caller dialed. In other words, the caller may have dialed 9995551212, but the PRI may have sent 5551212 or simply 1212 or something or length of digits.

When trying to send direct to an extension given a certain DID that the caller dialed, the task is to determine what the PRI sent and then match that EXACTLY in the UCM inbound rules. You can then create range rules once you have discoverd the secrete such that iy have 100 DIDs you need not create 100 individual rules.

The guys who posted before me provided the info on how to setup, but the key is knowing the format of the numbers sent so you can route each to your need.