Dialplan Settings for BUILT-IN FXS ports on UCM62XX


Is there a separate dialplan setting for FXS ports on the UCM62XX PBXs so that destination numbers ,whether 4 or 10 or 11 digits, timeout and PBX dials out immediately once the number is entered?
Currently there is a 5-6s delay when dialling out from the built-in FXS ports. And the Dial-plan adjustments in Outbound Routes doesnt seem to be doing anything.
For example if FXS Extension1050 wants to dial Extension 5XXX or outside line NXXNXXXXXX, there is a 5-6sec delay. The “#” key does the trick manually, but how do we achieve this automatically via dialplans ?
Similar to the way we can configure the dialplans for the external FXS adapters or ATAs?
The Grandstream HT818 when configured with the same UCM works perfectly in dialling out immediately, since it has a local dialplan rule.
Once again, this is with reference to the Built-in FXS ports on the UCM PBX


FXS do not have dialplan and outband will start as it need full number.
Only way to speed is to dial # after number.


thanks Marcin