Dial Rule for HT802


Hi, I have one FXS phone on port 1 dialing a custom number. For example 34 or 345.
Is it possible to set a rule or change the dialplan, that no matter which number is called, the destination for the call made should always be 45.

Reasons behind this: On Port 1 is a door bell and it is not possible to change the called number on the bell.
If the bell is dialing 345 the real destination on the phone system is 45 (Ring Group). So the called number 345 should be set to new destination 45. Possible on the Grandstream device?


try changing the dial plan:



ok, I have tried to change the Dialplan on FXS Port 1.


Saved the changes but it sill display the default settings { x+ | +x+ | *x+ | xxx+ }
What is wrong?

ok, I can replace a Number with another number {<1=45>}

But I want to replace Any Number called



Any number is an issue as I assume that any number could be from 1 digit long to as many as one cares to send. If the bell is dialing a number and it is not possible to change the number as you have indicated, then the implication is that the bell is always dialing a fixed number. Using your example if the bell is dialing 345 then the following may take care of the issue-

  1. Look at off-hook auto dial (check manual) and input the value you want the HT to dial in the appropriate field. I am uncertain as to what may happen with the dialed digits from the bell, but this may be worth a shot.
  2. { <x=45> | <x+=45> }

Give each a try and see if one does it for you. It could be that the dialed number may need to be explicit in #2.


ok I figured out that the bell is calling 31. So I changed the Dialplan to {<31=45>}.
The call is working and I can open the door dialing #9.

After hook off I have a problem.
The FXS Port 1 from Grandstream site is signaling the busy signal for about 2 minutes and does not hook off. How can I change that?


What are the disconnect options set in the HT and what are the disconnect options for the door bell? The two need to mesh with one another so that regardless of which side ends the call, the other side upon seeing the disconnect signaling will do so. You never mentioned the make and model of the bell, so not much to offer.


Hi thank you, I will try to change the disconnect options.
On SIP Site there is a 3CX PBX.
On FXS Site there is a Auerswald FTS-Universal Plus Door module


3CX will send a BYE at a SIP level to the HT, which in turn will cause the HT to send a disconnect signal to the bell over the analog line. The type of signal is programmable from within the HT.

The bell should send its own disconnect signal in the event the call is ended by at the bell end.

I suspect the HT is actually sounding a receiver off-hook alarm for the two minutes. This is when the HT sends a disconnect and the other side remains off-hook effectively not honoring the disconnect and keeping the line busy. You can try enabling a loop current disconnect AND busy tone disconnect in the HT and see if this works.


I have tested the setting. It did not work. :frowning_face:


So, who hung up first? If the HT, then you need to see from the Bell manufacturer what disconnect signal is needed.