Dial Plan to Replace All Digits Dialed



I was hoping there was a DIAL PLAN that I could implement to replace ALL digits dialed by an automated system with the digits I want dialed.

Example: System dials 9180055512121 and I want to change ALL digits dialed (no matter how many, even if there is 13-15+ digits dialed) with 18005552255

Is this possible?


If dialed by an automated system, then why is there a need to manually replace numbers? What is the point of the auto dial system?


I can see this being handy to replace carrier directory services with a free directory service (advertisement paid)


We do not have access to the AUTO DIAL system in the ELEVATOR, so we cannot change the digits that were programmed into it originally - and we want to change the entire number dialed - we were able to do this by making the ATA auto dial a TN after going off hook, so it did not accept any digits dialed from the elevator it just dialed the TN we configured.