DHCP server on GWN7610


Good morning for everyone! How to config DHCP server on GWN7610?


New fw:
System settings -> DHCP server


Excuse me. I asked “how”, not where to set up.


Do you have knowledge about DHCP ? 7610 have really basic settings, just need fill network info you want for devices to use. It hard for anyone provide you this info as we do not know your infrastructure.


By default you must provide:
DHCP Server Static Address: ip your GXW (also DHCP ip)
Start/end -> how big pool will be
Lease - how long IP is kept for unit taht received IP
Gateway: IP for router to internet (LAN)
DNS - name server (usually given from internet provider)

VLan ID if any SSID use Vlans.


Sorry. I speak English with the help of google … rsrs
My GWN receives IP 192.168.0.X / 24 and I would like to have another pool. Ex: 192.168.100.X / 24

I get the IP, but the internet does not work.


DHCP Gateway you need set to 192.168.0.x (router)


Doesn’t allow. It must be in the same network as the ip range.