Desk vs Wall


This may be a little nit-picky, but I’m curious what the point of having rubber “feet” on the bottom of the device is if the thing isn’t balanced properly to “stand” on a desk. Have I missed something?


You have certainly missed the point… the rubber feet are so the bottom of the device doesn’t slide off a flat surface.


Ok, I certainly understand that… but my point is that while it may not slide (much) it will fall backward if attempting to sit it on a flat surface.

In its current state, with the hardware it shipped with, the only usable operating position for this device is mounted to a wall.

My point is that the rubber feet really serve no purpose as the base is too narrow to actually set it on a “flat surface” and interact with it in any way.


I was wondering how people were going to position the device. It seems the only usable option is wall mount. It falls over constantly in the standing position (and has actually become quite frustrating). An adjustable stand like the GXV series would have been a nice option.


This was also my first thought about it.

2nd thought: Another design of the mounting plate so that it can be used as stand also, would have made the 180 points :wink:

Maybe someone creates a 3D printer file for a stand sometime (perhaps GS?) :slight_smile:


I thought that same thing. I took the mounting plate off to see if that weight was the issue (it wasn’t) then I started flipping it around and trying to see if there was some way to slot it in that was usable for the “desk mode” but I found nothing.


There may be yet unreleased hardware to address this. @bvanmeter would have to tell us the current state. It’s kinda like with the new in-wall AP we’re still waiting for the hardware to secure it from theft.


We had the same thoughts here Basically, the device is meant to hang ON the wall, not be embedded IN the wall. It looks awkward and its angle can’t be adjusted.

There really needs to be better looking mount options, especially ones that don’t obscure speakers and/or microphones.


old post I know… but if it is to stop it sliding don’t you think it has to stand first? … or its a joke and its just gone over my head!

Has anyone got these to stand on a desk yet or is wall mount really the only option?