Deleting Filtered CDR


Hello All,

My memory card is getting full. I’d like to free up some space.

I thought I should be able to filter the CDR from the beginning on the system to about 6 months ago and delete the results along with the associated recordings.

After I’ve filtered the CDR, I see…

However, being as there are two options for downloading (all / search) and delete only has one option (delete all) this seems to be the wrong way to accomplish this.

The system is on firmware

Any thoughts how I should proceed?


Use filter ? They you have this.


Hmm, that must be an option in newer firmware.

Long story as to why I’m not able to upgrade the firmware at the moment. So, looking for options with the current firmware.

If I simply go on site, pop out the card and delete the recordings using my laptop, will the system freak out when I put the card back in? Will the CDR still show calls with the recording icon but no audio as it’s been deleted? How did people manage the SD card on older firmware?

I’m assuming I could go so far as to simply remove the card and stick in a new one without problems. Or just pop the card in my laptop and delete half of them. Can anyone confirm?

Thanks in advance.


You should have filter. Use it then this option will be added.
This is from always as remember, just little different to find.


Like I said in my first post, this result is after I’ve filtered. Had I not filtered, I don’t think I would have the option “Download Search Results” as shown in my screen shot.


Record are not really heave for system, recording yes.
You should be able to delete recording from Recording Files and this should be enough i think.

I really cannot check where records can be deleted :confused: as i do not have old fw in my test units.