Delete multiple voicemails through extension portal


Good afternoon.

One of my clients running logs into their extension user portal to delete voicemails. (They accumulate because they are being sent to the user’s email address and the user never listens to them on the phone.)

Apparently there is no way to select numerous emails in bulk and delete them - they must be deleted one-at-a-time. This is very cumbersome.

I checked the release notes for .19.27 and I didn’t see anything that indicated that this issue has been addressed in the latest firmware.

I have seen where multiple people have requested the ability to control whether or not emails are deleted from a voicemail box after being sent by email at the extension level instead of globally. This request goes back several years and apparently has not yet been granted.

Any suggestions?

Another question - if I have an individual extension NOT sending emails out to an email address, and I uncheck the “Keep emails after sending” option in the global email settings . . . will that be sortof an extension-level control of this feature? IOTW, will the extension where voicemails are not being sent by email keep their voicemails on their extension’s box, while the others that are being sent out by email will be deleted from their respective boxes?




Hi Mike.

With respect to your enhancement request to be able to select all voicemails to delete, you had best make this request via a help desk ticket IMHO.

With respect to your second item, I believe this works as follows:

  • Whatever you define in the global properties affect all users and the system will follow this routine unless a specific setting is set in the extension

*You can over-ride the default in the extension settings to either send or not send voicemails to email
*You can over-ride the default in the extension settings when you do send a voicemail to email to either keep or discard the message in the voicemail account.

Hope this helps.


Maintenance / System Cleanup-Reset / Cleaner -> here you decide what and after how much to eliminate


I think this will do the trick. Thank you very much!


you’d like a like and the “solution” button :slight_smile:


Got it - hadn’t noticed those options before.


The cleaner will not do as you wish as the function is tied to disk utilization and the number of days by which you have indicated to check it. So, if set to 30 days and 80% and at 2AM, the cleaner will check it every 30 days @ 2am and if the disk capacity is 80% or more utilized, only then will the cleaner be invoked. See below log (you will note that the cleaner did not invoke):

What you seek is already in the UCM. It is in the user portal. Assuming you have allowed the user(s) to log into the UCM with their credentials, they can manage their voicemails (and other functions associated to their account) to include being able to delete:


I found where I can set the voicemail to delete (or not) at the extension level. Don’t know how I missed that previously.



Unfortunately this too will only allow you to delete one message at a time, at least the last time I looked at it; the select all just allowed you to mark them all as Read.


You are absolutely correct. You can mark them as read by selecting the check box, but deletion is still still limited to one at a time. Pity, seems like an easy fix…but, better here than having to access VM from phone and wearing out the 7 key.


there are no spare parts for the lanyard for EXT-2200, shown for button 7 :yum::yum::yum::yum::yum: