Delayed action when Alarm Input start




i’m working on fw
it is possible add a delay time for action when activate an input alarm? example:
alarm1 start
event must be generated immediatly like now
after x second execute the profile actions

if not, is possible to add this functionality?




Yes, current firmware there is no delay when there is an input alarm.

Could you advise the application scene, why a delay required? For most alarm input, they should be immediately response because this is a “alarm” it should be response immediately, right?

If your user case or scene is typical and can be applied to lots of applications, we will file this into engineering team for consideration and implementation.

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thank you very much for the answer, I will give a specific example that refers to some installations I’m working on, we assume that the doors that have to be opened with RFID or code, do not have automatic closing mechanisms. So they could remain open if not closed by those who cross them, connecting a contact to the door and an alarm input I realize if the door is open, but if every time it is opened, sounds an alarm to remember to close, in an environment with many doors (15) and a high pass of people would result in a concert of alarms.
So timing the alarm event would allow for a quieter environment than in which alarms will sound only in case of real need (5, 10, 15, 20 seconds or more depending on the type of door or gate) currently to get this result I have to add a further timed relay only to manage when to send the signal to the alarm input.
In my installations I assumed that I did not want to consider GDS3705 / GDS3710 only the advanced intercoms intended for access or exit from a building, but real access detection systems with multiple functions to be placed internally in offices that need security controls and access detection for each individual environment whose greatest peculiarity is the possibility to be controlled together centrally via LAN by a management software (developed by us at home) that commands and receives information from each device, for this reason every element that can not be managed centrally or remotely (separate timed relay) is a discordant note of an extremely flexible and functional system.

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@smerlino: Sorry I can not quite understand the situation.

If GDS37xx open door via RFID or PIN, there is a setting in the “Door System Settings => Unlock Hoding Time”, by default is “3 seconds” and you can put the correct time you want in “second” over there. That will control the door open and remains open for that specific time before lock again.

Also, there is a “Keep Door Open” option, you can configure the door open based on specific time frame, this is especially useful in library or school where some time the door open for general public then locked only open to RFID or PIN. You can also configure “Holiday”, basically the door will be controlled by the schedule you configured.

We provide free software GDSManager to allow you to see all the GDS3710 live image (GDS3705 no image as it is audio only device) and can open the door from the GDSManager console. The software can be downloaded here:

The pending GDS3710 1.0.5.x firmware will allow GDS37xx control multiple doors (like Master - Slave mode for multiple GDS device), so please keep tuned.

Again, please help to provide examples and explain what is your application or installation senarios and we will help if this is doable and will benefit other users.

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