Definitely need a way to disable AUTO-ANSWER by account


The ability to disable AUTO-ANSWER by account is DEFINITELY needed… I have a large customer who needs to “pair” SIP speakers with DESKSET (GXP2160) with concurrent accounts on both. When I ring the concurrent ACCOUNT I need to have both devices ring…

It would be GREAT to have AUTO-ANSWER by CALL INFO, but if that is not possible, just to be able to disable AUTO-ANSWER per ACCOUNT would let me utilize this device in situations such as this. In this case, I will have to obtain a competitors product to achieve my desired result…


See my thread here : REQUEST : Auto-mute on Intercom/Paging (Call-Info)

Your request is similar to this. Could be done together.


Your request are similar to this thread (REQUEST : Auto-mute on Intercom/Paging (Call-Info)) and we will take this into consideration for the new feature request.