Deferred emails after a week. Will they send?


I have corrected my email settings in the UCM to comply with google new app authentication for less secured logins to bypass the 2 factor authentication. I started to receive voicemail emails for the past two days only. I have a week of email/voicemails that have been deferred.

Will all the deferred emails send? Is there a time limit/ time out to deferred emails not sending after being deferred for so many days? Can I force the sending (code) of deferred emails that have not have the status of being sent?

Is there a way to retrieve the deferred emails and voicemail sound file?


I have also just had some emails that got the status of Deferred, and also related to the login for the Google account. What I noticed about the emails with a Deferred status is that the PBX tried to send it 25 times and then gave up. The interval between attempts looks to be 70 minutes.

There are two ways that I know of to try to retrieve the Voicemails.

  1. On the particular phone use the Voicemail button, or from any phone dial *98.
  2. Log into the PBX web gui as that Extension.




Hi, Thank you for the reply.

For the longest time I had the dial voicemail and the email sending; however, a few years ago I decided that the email was sending great and no need to double the work of the employees (Check email, dial in voicemail (backup to email) - cross check messages and delete), so to reduce work I have enable the delete VM on emailing. It would be great if deferred or failed emailing would revert the message back to the voicemail box. I am still unable to retrieve the VMs.