Default screen.xml


Where can I find a default screen.xml that is stored in the phone?


I don’t know that such is available/accessible as it may depend on the phone make and model which was not stated in your post.


GXP1620 for example


here you can find everything you want


Yep, I’ve seen this page of course, but haven’t find default screen there.



I thought this is a simple question with a know answer that I wasn’t able to find.


The default screen is either in Resources, under like “XML Screen Template” or similar. I know the GXP17xx has that. If not, then opening a ticket is the best way to get informations.


I know the GXP17xx has that.

Could you point me to it?





This page can help a lot for all Grandstream device resources:


Good chance that the template contains the default screen as well.


I’ve see it, there are no default screen. Only some examples.


Then, that’s what is available.

The default screen might be one of the examples or close to it.