Default Password (probably an edge case)


Just started to work w/ the 2614 today. Found the default password on the bottom of the phone but since that was a pain to remember I tried to change the password to “admin” since this is a low exposure phone but when I do so the phone gave me this screen


(unsure if the image will post but I immediately got the “You are currently using the default password to login.
Please update your password setting to access website.” verbiage. While this is probably true (as in the phones are given “admin” as a default password initially) it may be confusing as to a user the “default password” will most likely be the randomized on on the bottom of the phone.


Well, admin was the default password on devices before so they might have kept the security to prevent this password to be set.

In those case, I like to use ‘admin1’ or ‘test1234’.