Dect752 will not register to issabel trunk



hello everyone,
i am fairly new to voip and i would like your assistance.
i am trying to register my dect752 to issabel. Whichever way i try it i just cant’ seem to succefully register it.
Attached the settings for both dect and issabel.


issabel settings: trunk name: 3002
peer details : host= ( dect base ip)

dect sip account settings :
sip server : ( issabel ip )
sip user id : 3002 username and password the appropriate





You should add extensions 3001 and 3002 not trunk.
Phones register as extensions.


you are confusing extension with trunk,
you must register as extension,
then you mention the drinks in peer but enter the registration pswd, which is not needed


thank you both of you for replying in such a short time on christmas. Really appreciate it.
i registered extension 3002 in issabel, but still no sip register on grandstream. i even checked other settings like sip port sip transport but to no success…


Sip user ID and Authenticate ID should be same.


And delete the trunk you added before.


here you find everything you are looking for GS DP752 side, Issabel side you have to ask in their assistance:

good job


thank you both of you.
i hope i can take it from here…
enjoy the rest of the holidays.