DDNS implementation



I’ve set my GWN7000 behind my ISP’s router on which I’ve settled DMZ pointing to GWN which is obtaining a reserved IP address through DHCP. It’s working perfectly but since I now want to use GWN DDNS feature to update my public DNS, my GWN is setting my public IP like 192.168.x.x since it’s setting the IP manually while my DNS provider can already detect the correct IP. Please review your implementation so to let the DNS provider detect the correct IP automatically. (in that specific case I’m using he.net and dnsmadeeasy.com)

It would also be great to be able to create more than one DDNS so for example to set an inbound VPN tunnel,

In fact, the best would be for Grandstream to implement a generic DDNS client on GWN router so to make it work with most provider’s implementation as Draytek routers do

The user just need to provides 2 variables
GWN could optionally provide IP address if needed, but most providers don’t as they automatically detect it.
Here’s an example: