Daylight Saving - Sydney, Melbourne Canberra TimeZone - WHEN CAN WE GET IT FIXED ?!


oh for the love of god when will you fix our timezone !!! its been years i have logged many support cases over the years to get this fixed once and for all and every time you just tell me to set a custom zone then change it back.

doing this for multiple customers every year is getting old !



ummm custom defined time zone…

use the following:


Dont wait another 6 months for GS to fix it - use the above at the system and handset level…


yer i have been doing exactly that, just gets anoying having to do it on multiple clients sites twice a year !


You might want to engage your authorized distributor to push this with Grandstream. After all you are talking about major cities.


David, unfortunately they dont. Too small a market is what I have heard… :confused:


just need more people to make noise about it i guess :slight_smile: keep it coming.


AE-DST changes are great aren’t they… maybe what GS need to do is use the code ive posted above and incorporate that in the selection for Aust. Eastern Day Light Savings and then this request would go away…